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PDM Technologies offers a variety of training courses in the fields of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance. Most courses are built with a modular approach that allows for customization to your specific needs. This design results in the opportunity to select specific topics from a variety of courses and the list of machinery specific modules to create custom courses for your team’s training requirements.

The full-length Category 1 and Category 2 Certification courses may not be modified as they are strictly compliant with the ISO 18436-2 Certification Standard.

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PDM is an Approved Trainer of the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association. PDM is also a Corporate Member of the CMVA.

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Certification Training

We offer training for individuals wishing to become Certified Vibration Analysts in compliance with ISO 18436-2. These courses are ideal for individuals with some experience in the field of vibration analysis who are looking to advance their knowledge base and their careers through recognition of their skills. We offer three courses for certification. Our Category I and Category II courses are full preparatory courses for each level and will provide the required training hours and cover all the content required to be prepared for the certification exam. The Cat 2 Prep course is a short version of the Category 2 course designed for individuals who are already fully qualified with hours of training and experience who would like to sharpen their skills prior to sitting for the exam. All exams are provided through the CMVA and follow the ISO 18436-2 requirements.

Certification Training Timeline

  • Category 1 Full Course (4 days)
  • Category 2 Full Course (4.5 days)
  • Cat 2 Prep Course (2 days)

Product Training

Our product training courses support our various product lines and will enhance your knowledge of the tools. Designed with the technician in mind, these are practical application courses with hands on exercises for interactive learning. These courses are often combined with our Practical Theory courses for overall predictive maintenance program skills development.

Product Training Timeline

  • Adash DDS Pro Software
  • Adash VA3 Pro Analyzer
  • Adash VA5 Pro Analyzer
  • Adash ADS Software
  • Adash Vibrio M & DDS Basic

QuickStart Training

QuickStart courses are designed to provide the knowledge and tools to make participants better vibration technicians and analysts. Each course is short (1-2 days) and easily customized. The courses are equipment agnostic so that they can be adapted to the client’s particular instrumentation, and participants are strongly encouraged to bring their instrumentation to the course.  The knowledge gained in this training supports future certification efforts and is a flexible option for certification training. 

QuickStart Training Timeline

  • VA1 – Fundamentals of Vibration (2 days)
  • VA2 – Advanced Vibration (2 days)
  • Field Balancing (1 day)

Advanced Vibration

These courses cover both the theory and practical application of some of the more complex topics in the subject of Vibration Analysis. Understanding the process, procedures, and the underlying theory behind these topics will enable participants to get the best results in the field. Each course may be adapted to the client’s particular instrumentation and participants are strongly encouraged to bring their instrumentation to the course. 

Advanced Vibration Courses

  • Advanced Balancing
  • Time Waveform Analysis
  • Phase Analysis: Resonance, ODS, and Transient

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Our core personnel have over 50 years experience in Predictive Technologies and over 50 years in Corrective Services. Our service group consists of a Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologists, and Industrial Millwrights and Mechanics.

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We offer a variety of training courses in the fields of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance. Every course is built with a modular approach that allows for customization for our clients specific needs.

Custom course content is gladly provided – simply provide us with the participants’ level of expertise, the topics of interest, and the course length desired. We will design the courses for you.

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