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PDM Technologies has been providing specialized maintenance services to clients in Southern Ontario and across Eastern Canada since 1992. These services include predictive maintenance services such as vibration analysis and infrared thermography, inspection services such as lubrication assessment and ultrasound inspections, and corrective services such as dynamic balancing and precision laser alignment.

Our client base extends from commercial to heavy industrial. Industries served include the automotive, steel and metals, mining, forestry and paper, food manufacturing, and water / wastewater processing.

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Advanced Diagnostics

Our Advanced Diagnostics service brings solutions to the difficult problems not addressed with standard technologies. These engineering-based services include the detailed analysis of machinery and vibration problems using advanced techniques such as machinery motion modelling (ODS) and transient testing using multi-channel systems for correlation of phase and amplitude data.

Problems that are challenging to solve using conventional techniques, such as resonance, can be diagnosed accurately and effectively with the advanced techniques. From this information, solutions can be found that are both effective and efficient to implement.

Advanced Diagnostics Services List

  • Machinery Modeling / ODS
  • Run Up / Coast Down Testing
  • Resonance Diagnostics

Remote Analysis

Our newest service, developed with clients over the past few years, is Remote Analysis Service. This is a collaborative service approach between the client site personnel, who collect the data, and our technology specialists who analyze and report on it. This creates a program in which the roles are distributed, and the ownership is shared. The result is a more results-effective and cost-efficient program when properly implemented.

Remote Analysis Programs (RAPs) provide a unique combination of program ownership, the latest instrument technology, access to certified and experienced analysts, and a cost-efficient structure. The programs are established using a fixed monthly fee and dedicated site equipment for predictive maintenance programs owned and operated by the client and fully supported by PDM’s technical staff.

In additional to RAP’s, we offer both remote continuous and remote short-term machinery monitoring as well as remote trouble-shooting services.

Remote Analysis Services List

  • Remote Analysis Programs
  • Continuous Machinery Monitoring
  • Short-term Machinery Monitoring
  • Remote Troubleshooting

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance involves using nonintrusive condition monitoring technologies such as Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis, and Infrared Thermography to evaluate the health of equipment to optimize its’ performance and availability.

PDM’s Predictive Maintenance Programs are designed to the requirements of each client utilizing the best combination of condition monitoring technologies, focused on the most critical assets, and scheduled to meet the demands of the client’s uptime goals.

Predictive Maintenance Services List

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Oil Analysis
  • Machinery Inspection

Corrective Services

As a compliment to our diagnostic and monitoring services, we are fully equipped and experienced in dynamic balancing, precision alignment, and other mechanical services.

Corrective Services List

  • Dynamic Balancing (field and shop)
  • Precision Laser Alignment
  • Mechanical Services

Inspection Services

We offer inspection services for our clients as an enhancement to their existing programs. Our inspection services use the latest technology including high frequency vibration and ultrasound combined with our machinery knowledge to perform lubrication evaluation and assessment, optimizing the lubrication process.

Inspection Services List

  • Lubrication Evaluation
  • Ultrasonic Inspections
  • Machinery Inspection

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Predictive Services

Our core personnel have over 50 years experience in Predictive Technologies and over 50 years in Corrective Services. Our service group consists of a Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologists, and Industrial Millwrights and Mechanics.

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We offer a variety of training courses in the fields of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance. Every course is built with a modular approach that allows for customization for our clients specific needs.

Custom course content is gladly provided – simply provide us with the participants’ level of expertise, the topics of interest, and the course length desired. We will design the courses for you.

Training Courses

We grow with our suppliers.

PDM is proud to represent the following product lines across Canada. Our full range of product solutions enables us to support our clients’ reliability goals.