New Partnership with PCH Engineering

The PCH Link Concept modular vibration monitoring system.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with PCH Engineering A/S, a Danish production company specializing in machine condition monitoring solutions. PDM is now the Canadian partner for the PCH Modular System and vibration monitoring products.

A scalable approach to condition monitoring

PCH Engineering A/S has developed a scalable approach to condition monitoring called the “PCH Link Concept.” This modular vibration and process condition monitoring system is centred around the advanced PCH 1420 Vibration Monitor. The PCH 1420 is a powerful 4-channel vibration monitor capable of onboard processing dynamic vibration signals, capturing and recording both time domain and frequency domain data. Including a speed input and a flexible process input means correlating the vibration data to key operating conditions, such as speed, temperature, and load, which are built into the system.

The system was designed to make the vibration and process data accessible to all plant personnel, including Operations, Production, Maintenance, and Management, without requiring servers or Cloud access; however, cloud-based software is available if needed. Understanding the data is intuitive and does not require personnel to be trained vibration analysts.

With the “PCH Link Concept,” you can combine any number of PCH 1420 monitors and additional modules, such as the PCH Input Box, for a monitoring solution customized to your requirements. You only pay for the functionality you need, and you can expand the solution as required. If more sensors or process inputs are required, this can easily be achieved by adding modules. It’s simple, practical, and cost-effective.

PCH Engineering A/S Continuous Machine Health Monitoring

You will also find the PCH Etherbridge module in the Link Concept system. This module enables your monitoring solution to communicate with a cloud database, giving you LAN / remote access to your vibration monitoring data. In other words, with PCH Link Concept, you get a cost-effective, IIoT-compatible vibration monitoring solution that supports your overall condition monitoring program or predictive maintenance strategy.

PDM Technologies is committed to providing the best solutions to help companies monitor, manage, and optimize their machinery health. Adding PCH Engineering to our portfolio of solutions greatly enhances our ability to do this.

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