Our Relationship with Windrock

PDM Technologies is now the Canadian representative for Windrock products, services, and training across the country. A unique …

Windrock 6400 PA Performance Analyzer

The flagship Windrock analyzer used worldwide by reliability experts to evaluate reciprocating compressors and engines, as well as …

Windrock Spotlight Continuous Monitor

A plug-and-play solution that can be installed and operating in as little as four hours on your reciprocating …

Windrock Platinum Online Monitoring System

The ultimate platform to protect and assess the health of your reciprocating and rotating machinery.

Hansford HS500 Vibration Monitoring System

Modular continuous vibration monitoring system for a scalable solution to any monitoring application.

PT2060 Continuous Monitoring System

A state-of-the-art API 670 compliant rack based continuous monitoring & protection system.

Adash A3800 Monitoring System

The A3800 is a compact continuous / online machinery monitoring and diagnostic system.

Adash A3716 Monitoring System

Acontinuous / online machinery monitoring and diagnostic system may be used independently or with an existing protection system.

DTM Series

DTM Series Distributed Transmitter-Monitors provide cost effective continuous monitoring of machinery vibration.

Connecting the technology
to you through training.

Predictive Services

Our core personnel have over 50 years experience in Predictive Technologies and over 50 years in Corrective Services. Our service group consists of a Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologists, and Industrial Millwrights and Mechanics.

Service Options


We offer a variety of training courses in the fields of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance. Every course is built with a modular approach that allows for customization for our clients specific needs.

Custom course content is gladly provided – simply provide us with the participants’ level of expertise, the topics of interest, and the course length desired. We will design the courses for you.

Training Courses

We grow with our suppliers.

PDM is the Canadian Representative for Hansford Sensors, Adash and Windrock products.

We’re proud to work with our suppliers to provide reliability solutions.