Our Relationship with Hansford Sensors

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In 2016, PDM Technologies began representing Hansford Sensors in Canada.

Hansford Sensors expanded our offerings for Canadian clients

Our goal at the time was to expand our vibration analysis product offering for our Canadian clients by adding a line of high-quality industrial sensors that include accelerometers like the Compact Side Exit Accelerometer, 4-20 mA sensors, triaxial accelerometers, and intrinsically safe accelerometers. As our knowledge of the Hansford Sensors vibration analysis product lines expanded, success with our clients grew through our ability to deliver premium sensor solutions at an unmatched value.

At PDM, we pride ourselves on having a “first principles” understanding of the application of vibration analysis technologies. This understanding comes primarily through service and communication with our clients so that we can understand their goals and objectives. Working with Hansford Sensors has enhanced our ability to do this.

We formed a partnership with Hansford Sensors

Our relationship with Hansford Sensors has since evolved from a distribution arrangement into a business partnership. PDM personnel have visited the Hansford Sensors head office and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom. This has provided an opportunity to further our understanding of how they operate and manufacture their vibration analysis products. More significant is the opportunity for the people in both companies to meet and develop better relationships.

Another aspect of this partnership is that it has allowed Hansford Sensors to increase their understanding of the Canadian market and what our Canadian industries need to address their condition monitoring concerns. We have had multiple opportunities, through visits by Hansford Sensors staff to Canada, to visit in person with our clients and have them express their needs directly to Hansford Sensors.

As the relationship continues to grow, both PDM and Hansford Sensors remain focused on providing the best possible service to our clients through high-quality vibration analysis products and exceptional value.

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Our core personnel have over 50 years experience in Predictive Technologies and over 50 years in Corrective Services. Our service group consists of a Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologists, and Industrial Millwrights and Mechanics.

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We offer a variety of training courses in the fields of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance. Every course is built with a modular approach that allows for customization for our clients specific needs.

Custom course content is gladly provided – simply provide us with the participants’ level of expertise, the topics of interest, and the course length desired. We will design the courses for you.

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PDM is proud to represent the following product lines across Canada. Our full range of product solutions enables us to support our clients’ reliability goals.