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PDM Technologies began our association with Adash in 2015 as a distributor for AdashAmerica, the US based Adash Representative company. After about 18 months in this relationship, it became apparent to all parties involved that PDM Technologies and Adash would be a very good long-term partnership and we were awarded the rights to be the exclusive Canadian Representative for Adash products.

Our initial interest in Adash was for our service business

We had a fleet of aging vibration analyzers that needed to be upgraded to new technology. Our search in the market revealed to us the unique combination of capabilities and value that the Adah products offer. We could replace our legacy instruments with state-of-the-art instruments for 30-40% lower initial investment than with the traditional suppliers and the Adash products carry no on-going service support fees. Their “buy once, pay once” philosophy meant that our initial investment was the entire investment with no hidden or additional fees.

Once we began using the products for our vibration analysis field services (using the A4400 VA4 Pro at the time) we were quickly convinced that we had made the right choice. The unique capabilities of the Adash vibration analyzer products make them equal to or better than any other system for vibration analysis. Fast data acquisition times, multi-channel capabilities, and a complete tool set for any vibration analysis job are all standard. The vibration software, known as DDS, completes the offering with a very powerful but easy to use platform for multiple predictive maintenance technologies.

Adash is a unique and responsive company and partner

PDM Technologies has personnel with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we have used all the major (and many of the minor) brands of vibration analysis systems on the market. When we have had ideas for ways to enhance the Adash products, we have presented them to the development team and always had a positive response. Many of these enhancements have been added to the products and software. This demonstrates the Adash philosophy of continuous product development driven through a user-focused approach.

Adash has powerful portable products and reliability tools

The Adash portable product line now features the VA5 Pro, the most powerful vibration analyzer on the market, the VA3 Pro, the ideal route data collection and analysis device, and the simple and easy to use Vibrio M. In addition, Adash has a full range of continuous monitoring systems and other reliability tools to enhance any predictive maintenance program’s value with all instruments coordinating data into the very powerful DDS software.

As the relationship continues to grow, both PDM and Adash are committed to providing the best possible products for vibration analysis, predictive maintenance, and reliability to our clients.

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Predictive Services

Our core personnel have over 50 years experience in Predictive Technologies and over 50 years in Corrective Services. Our service group consists of a Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologists, and Industrial Millwrights and Mechanics.

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We offer a variety of training courses in the fields of Predictive and Proactive Maintenance. Every course is built with a modular approach that allows for customization for our clients specific needs.

Custom course content is gladly provided – simply provide us with the participants’ level of expertise, the topics of interest, and the course length desired. We will design the courses for you.

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PDM is proud to represent the following product lines across Canada. Our full range of product solutions enables us to support our clients’ reliability goals.