Adash VA5 Swap-out Program

Adash A4500 VA5 Pro

We are offering a time limited promotion (expires March 31, 2023) for users of competitive vibration analysis systems.

Credit of up to CA$10,000 towards the purchase

This program provides for a trade-in credit of your existing vibration analysis data collector for a credit of up to CA$10,000 towards the purchase of an Adash VA5 Pro and DDS software bundle. In addition to the credit, we are also offering complimentary start-up training and database build services to make the transition easier and more efficient.

How does this program work?

Interested parties provide the required details (see below for more information) of the system available for the trade-in credit. PDM will then provide a quote for the VA5 Pro / DDS bundle (and desired accessories) along with the estimated trade-in credit available. Once the new Adash system is delivered, the trade-in unit will be sent to PDM for final evaluation.

PDM will provide complimentary start-up training for the system as well as database build services to get the Adash system up and running quickly. The new functionality of the Adash system can be fully optimized by creating this “new” database that is tailored to take full advantage of the system power and performance. The older system software should remain available and in use for reference of the historical data since database “conversions” are not available. After the Adash system has been in use for a period, the reliance on the old system will taper out.

As users become comfortable with the core functionality of the system (as covered in the start-up training), they may choose to enhance their ability to take full advantage of the Adash system with further training and mentoring services available from PDM.

Benefits of moving to the Adash system

  • Industry leading technology in speed and power
  • Best in class 5-year warranty on Adash hardware
  • No mandatory ongoing support fees (support agreements are available)
  • Free firmware and software updates for the life of the system
  • Local support from PDM Technologies (over 30 years in the vibration business)

Trade-in details required

  • Make, model, year, and description of the unit’s condition
  • Photographs of the unit and the model & serial number tag


  • Applies only to non-Adash analyzers, one for one trade in, and does not apply to vibration meters, pens, or other basic vibration instruments
  • Complimentary database build service is limited to 200 machines per VA5 Pro purchased. Additional machine builds are available by quote
  • Available only to Canadian residents

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